Note: Some cakes may require at least a weeks notice.

Almandine – Shortbread shell filled with almond frangipane.

Chocolate Rocca – Chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in chocolate meringue pieces.

Chocolate Walnut – Walnut cake, one layer of whipped chocolate ganache, one layer of raspberry jam.

Cointreau Delicious – Vanilla gennoise filled with cointreau, custard cream, strawberries and finished with a red glaze and fresh strawberries.

Croquembouche – Tower of choux pastry profiteroles filled with a choice of TWO custards (cointreau, vanilla or chocolate), covered with toffee. Enquire in store or by phone for decorations.

Fruit Flan – Shortbread or puff pastry bases filled with vanilla custard cream and topped with fresh fruit. Shortbread is round and has silvered almonds on sides, puff pastry is square with no almonds. Strawberry flans can be made to order.

Harlequin – Round puff pastry base filled with vanilla custard cream with sections of assorted fresh fruit.

Japonais – Layers of chewy hazelnut meringue filled with coffee butter cream.

Lemon Tart – Shortbread shell filled with lemon butter.

Millie Feuille – Layers of puff pastry filled with custard.

Monte Carlo – (Chocolate or Coffee) Vanilla gennoise filled with either chocolate custard or coffee custard, finished with chocolate or coffee fondant icing and mini eclairs.

Mud Cake – Firm moist chocolate cake finished with ganache.

Opera – Firm chocolate cake, one layer of whipped chocolate ganache, one layer of coffee butter cream.

Passionfruit Tart – Shortbread shell filled with passionfruit butter.

Pear & Almond Tart – Puff pastry shell filled with almond frangipane and pears.

Sour Cherry & Almond – Shortbread shell filled with sour cherries, topped with chewy almond meringue.

St Honore – Choux pastry filled with rum custard, finished with fresh cream, toffee and strawberries.

Success – Layers of chewy almond meringue filled with whipped hazelnut chocolate.

Truffle – Firm chocolate cake with two layers of whipped chocolate ganache.